ER Collet Storage Trays

ER Collet Storage Trays

The ER collet storage solution is a quality steel powder coated tray, fitted with Blue Plastic injected inserts to protect your collects and create a clean working system.

These are available in in the following ranges

 A1-ER16-64 - ER16 - Pockets for 64 collets

 A1-ER25-36 - ER25 - Pockets for 36 collets

 A1-ER32-36 – ER32 - Pockets for 36 collets

A1-ER16/32 Combi Tray’s -  This is combination tray that is available with a mix of all 3 sizes or our standard tray of ER32 (24off) and ER16 (17off)

Material   :- 2mm Steel with Plastic or Aluminium inserts (colour may vary)

Finish   :- Powder coated in light beige

Weight   :- 3kg Approximately

Special order combination tray ER32/20/16 or ER32/25/16 are available

ER Collet Storage Trays